One of those days

Today has been one of those days when I want to do stuff, but don’t know what. Instead I end up playing Minecraft and doing some crochet. They’re my way of just being, but still feeling that I’m doing something.

Maybe today is a sort of hangover from yesterday and Friday. We decided Thursday evening that we should take a trip to Malmö, the third biggest city in Sweden and only about a two hours drive from us. We stayed at an hotel, had hotel breakfast (Weeee! Love them!), went to museum, did some shopping and just had a nice time. Our young pixie is a great travel companion. He’s now so big so he manage to walk for rather long periods of time and he can stay up rather late… even if he still wakes up around 7 am… No problem when you can sleep in the car on the way home. :)

… but today… Guess the headaches and migraines I’ve had the last couple of days are starting to wear me down. I just want them to stop! Totally sucks the energy out of you…

But on the other hand I’ve finished the Nordic shawl! Yay!
A great pattern to work with, but I think I’ll have to practice some on the yarn changing and how to end and start a row… Some of my rows got a bit wobbly at the edges, especially the ones with mixed stitches and different colours… Maybe it’ll even up a bit if I block it?

finished_nordic shawl1

finished_nordic shawl2

It turned out a bit too small, even if I added a couple of rows on the advice from Annette (My Rose Valley), but it’s still good at doing it’s job warming my shoulders. Next time I’ll add even more rows, maybe 10 or 15 even, if I make it in Tilda yarn. I definitely will make one, at least, more… maybe I’ll use the odd balls I’ve got of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino…

Now I’ll try to be kind to myself, or humble as my doctor called it. Tomorrow is another, new day.

Spring and more Nordic shawl

We’ve had a couple of days with wonderful, lovely weather. Sun! We’ve been able to sit on our balcony, basking in sunlight eating the first ice cream this year. We have the big fortune to have a long balcony, with doors from both bed rooms and the living room… and it’s situated to the south. Love it, but we might need an umbrella so it wont be too hot… If that is possible…

Today our Pixie man is home from school with a sore throat and a little fever. But he seems rather happy… and being able to play Minecraft for the main part of the day is never wrong… As he said earlier: He’s ill so he’s allowed to do that. LOL
Seems like it’s the thing right now, fever and a sore throat. Nic had it last week and I can feel I’ve got something going on in my throat as well. Typical spring I guess… But I’ll take that any day as long as it’s sunny and above 0 degrees. Ha!


My Nordic shawl is coming along fine. It’s such a nice pattern to work with… I wonder why I waited so long to try a shawl pattern. But this has definitely got me hooked… no pun intended…
I’ve finally decided what colours to use for the mixed stripes…
It’s all Tilda yarn, a mix of cotton and acrylic. I’m using dark grey (02) for the base colour. Then for the mixed stripes I’m going to use: cream (05), red (45), coral (37), dark green (86), apple green (801 limited edition) and petrol (88).
This is how the shawl looks like right now and the next photo shows my colour choices all together. It’s always so nice to see them like that, it’s like a bouquet of flowers, right?

nordic shawl_mixed


Now time for some tea and some biscuits for me and my little patient. I’ve got to continue with the coloured rows as well, it’s hard to stop… But that’s a good thing.
This week end my mother is coming down and we’ll celebrate both mine and her Birthday. I also feel an urge to go to some flee markets… maybe we can make an outing when she’s here… It’s spring.


A cushion for my mother

Today have really felt like a spring day! Sun and a little bit warmer. Feels so good! I’ve started to think how we will use our long, but narrow, balcony this summer. Last year we moved into the apartment a little late, so we sort of just put out what chairs we had and I bought two strawberry plants. But this year I really would like to make it as cosy as possible. Nice chairs, table and maybe an umbrella if the summer is going to be as warm and sunny as the last one… Yes, I’d love that. Have some herbs and flowers in boxes… maybe plant some sweet pea or something else that can climb up the walls… Oh, the possibilities are endless.

Today my mother-in-law came for a short visit, my Birthday is on Monday so we’ll celebrate some in advance… and next week-end my mother will come and we’ll celebrate some more. And since my mother’s Birthday is later this month, we take the opportunity to celebrate her too while she’s here.

I made her a pillow, using the Sunburst Granny Square from Nittybits. The yarn I used is Catania cotton with a 3 mm hook. The squares are made up in two different colour schemes, red/pink/coral and dark green/ light blue/light green. I used the join-as-you-go method and stitched them together with also Catania, in a linen, sort of white/beige/grey, shade. The edging or trim is from Lucy over at Attic 24, the granny blanket edging.



I hope she’ll like it… well she’s my mother and most mothers love anything you give them, right? But the colours are really me… I do love to combine greens with reds! The edge is a bit frilly to be me, but hey! You’ve got to try things out right? I’ll try and wrap it up nicely and give it to her with the other gifts next week end. Eeeeeh! This is a fun way of giving.

Ooh, the backside is made in linen fabric with a dark red button so you can remove the cover and wash it if necessary. It’s a first time for me, adding fabric to a crochet front. It was a bit tricky… and my sewing machine didn’t help… But in the end it turned out all right. Next time will be easier.



I actually have another cushion that is almost finished, I’ve got to add some rounds around the squares, so it wont be too small. I learned this from the cushion in this post. It’ll make it easier to put together with the fabric backing… I hope… It’s made in another yarn and different colours, but I used the same pattern, It’s funny to see how different it can look just by changing colours and/or thickness of yarn.

But, that is another post for another time…

Hope you all have a great week end, and that the spring is in the air where you are too!


Nordic shawl

After looking and thinking and admired, I finally bought the Nordic shawl pattern made by Annette at My Rose Valley. A post about this pattern you can find at her blog here. She has been a darling and given me some input about yarn choices, since there are no yarn shop where I live that holds the yarn she’s used for the pattern. I’ve seen a couple of photos of different versions of this shawl, all very inspiring. When I first saw this pattern, I thought of a version in colours common in folklore. A shawl in black with red, green and blue in bright colours for the mixed stitches. I finally decided to use Tilda yarn for this and started picking out colours…



Since I was pretty eager last night to start with the shawl, I decided to do some test crocheting with a dark grey I already had… and I actually like it! Maybe a bit softer against the more brighter colours. We’ll see how it turns out.

First thing this morning… well after I left the kid at school…  I went out and bought me some more dark grey Tilda yarn so that I can continue with it today. When I was in the yarn shop anyway… you know how it is… I just couldn’t resist some yarn of Tilda’s limited colours. Let’s call it an early Birthday present for myself. Hehe…
Not sure if I will use them for this shawl though, but the colours were so bright and scrumptious. A beautiful, sort of light emerald green, a turquoise and a bright apple green. The colours doesn’t show up so good in my photo, maybe because I’m using my smart phone… or maybe the Vignette app I’m using…
I also bought a bright orange, but forgot to take a photo of it.


Then to decide what colours I’ll use for the mixed stitches… I think I’ll use the red, coral, emerald green, light green and a turquoise. Haven’t decided yet if I’ll go with the white or the off-white though… So right now my colour mix looks like this, and I think it’ll work well with the dark grey. Thought of adding an orange and a darker blue, like petrol blue… but it didn’t feel right for this. I have feeling there will be, at least, one more shawl… I can see it… Bolder colours… a red or green as base colour… But first I’ll get going with this one and finish it too. Yes!


I’ll let you know how it goes.

Now time for lunch and some crochet… All is good.


Washi love

Yay! It has arrived!
I had to wait less then a week for it. Talk about instant colour gratification.

washi love_1

Since I started using my old Filofax and setting it up as I want it… still a work in progress I might add… I’ve wanted to update my stash with washi tapes. I wanted the thin, 6 mm, type… But I soon realized that it was hard to find where I live, or at any Swedish web site… So my hope went to Etsy and the, almost, endless possibilities there. I soon found a Japanese shop where I could find colours and that sold both 15 mm and 6 mm. It’s called Danica58 and the service was fast, I even got two bonus tapes, one of each width! Extra bonus happiness.
I paid less for these, with freight cost included, then I ever could from a Swedish site! When you live in a small town like this, internet can be a true salvation.

washi love_2

washi love_3

washi love_4

Love the red one with animals on it… and the green and apricot/coral, both in 15 mm and 6 mm. I can’t wait to use them! They will surely brighten up the calendar, and maybe appointments and tasks will feel more easy to do… if I don’t get too distracted by all the happy and joyful colours.

I will soon post another of my crochet projects. A small project that will end up as a gift for my mother… I don’t think she will read this… I hope… Otherwise it wont be a surprise, will it?
Ha! I’ll take the chance, because I can’t hold it a secret much longer.

Don’t forget to breathe and swim on.