This life

The past year, and this as well, has been a rough one.
I ended up home on sick leave, the doctor said it was a clear case of burn out. I’ve had a great doctor, and my colleagues and manager have been really supportive. It’s been a long way back, but I can feel I’m getting there. I’ve started working again, if only for a couple of hours and I’m working on my good routines. Daily walks, crochet, art and crafts.

this life_full page

Actually this period has given me my creativity back. When I was younger I always drew and painted. Drew scenes from Lord of The Rings while listening to music. I’ve got this back and it feels so darn good!! Nothing can make me feel so good as some paper, paint, music and what not that can turn into something amazing, from your imagination.

this life_close2

this life_close1

I made this in my watercolour journal and I thought this quote from The Verve’s song ”Bittersweet Symphony” suited a spread like this. Love this song from the 90ies, and the video…

I took the selfie on one of the tough days while in bed, sometimes I guess you need to remember those days too.

I’ve used a stencil from Tim Holtz, some odd paper scraps, my old acrylic paints for base and splatters… and the letters might be from Basic Grey… I think…

this life-close3

Take care of yourself.
Stay creative.



One of those days

Today has been one of those days when I want to do stuff, but don’t know what. Instead I end up playing Minecraft and doing some crochet. They’re my way of just being, but still feeling that I’m doing something.

Maybe today is a sort of hangover from yesterday and Friday. We decided Thursday evening that we should take a trip to Malmö, the third biggest city in Sweden and only about a two hours drive from us. We stayed at an hotel, had hotel breakfast (Weeee! Love them!), went to museum, did some shopping and just had a nice time. Our young pixie is a great travel companion. He’s now so big so he manage to walk for rather long periods of time and he can stay up rather late… even if he still wakes up around 7 am… No problem when you can sleep in the car on the way home. :)

… but today… Guess the headaches and migraines I’ve had the last couple of days are starting to wear me down. I just want them to stop! Totally sucks the energy out of you…

But on the other hand I’ve finished the Nordic shawl! Yay!
A great pattern to work with, but I think I’ll have to practice some on the yarn changing and how to end and start a row… Some of my rows got a bit wobbly at the edges, especially the ones with mixed stitches and different colours… Maybe it’ll even up a bit if I block it?

finished_nordic shawl1

finished_nordic shawl2

It turned out a bit too small, even if I added a couple of rows on the advice from Annette (My Rose Valley), but it’s still good at doing it’s job warming my shoulders. Next time I’ll add even more rows, maybe 10 or 15 even, if I make it in Tilda yarn. I definitely will make one, at least, more… maybe I’ll use the odd balls I’ve got of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino…

Now I’ll try to be kind to myself, or humble as my doctor called it. Tomorrow is another, new day.

Flowers, smoothie and winter sun

Today has been one of these days… I woke up with a migraine that had decided to take its hold behind my left eye and slowly gnaw itself out. I’m always optimistic about these pains and thought that two ordinary painkillers would do, but a couple of hours later I had to admit to myself that I needed a more effective medicine. And after a couple of hours I feel more like my usual self.


Treating myself with a smoothie made of raspberry/banana/orange/yogurt… and a small dose of cream. 😉
It was totally delicious and I couldn’t help to notice that it worked really well with my bobbly flower blanket I’m crocheting right now. It’s a gorgeous pattern to work with and it’s made by the wonderful Revlie over at REVolution. She’s such an inspiration for me, in many ways.

The yarn I’m working in is Drops Paris cotton it’s fantastic to work with, I sort of regret that I decided to use the greens in a different yarn, it’s not as soft… but I do love the colour of it. I’ve come half way in the pattern, but I think that I might need to make it a little bigger… and maybe put a border to it…

bobbly flowers

Otherwise me and my little family are waiting to hear some news about a job at a new museum that’s just starting up. I do believe that they have just recently started the redevelopment of the building. A very exciting project and for me it would be fun and challenging if I were to take part of it. But it would mean some serious moving plans to do if everything goes well. Hopefully I will know next week or two… it’s been a long journey…

Paper balls and Kali


Är inne på andra veckan med daglig migrän… Kan inte säga att det är upplyftande för mig eller familjen. Oftast fungerar medicinen efter en timme eller så, men ofta så är migränen där som en förföljande skugga och sänker tålamodet, lusten och kreativiteten…

I’m on the second week of daily migraine. No fun for either me or the family. Most of the time the medication works, but often enough the pain follows me like a ghost and lowers my patience, lust and creativity.