Summer exhibition

This summer I will participate in the local summer exhibition. This years theme is recycled and up-cycled art, and it’s our local art society that arranges it. For those of you understanding Swedish you can read more about it here.

I’ve been working on a couple things mainly reusing cereal packages, but also smaller boxes, and turned them into shadowboxes and assemblages.
This is what my table looked like last week…


Closeups I took during the  process of two of my pieces I’m going to exhibit. The crow I’ve chosen to call The Magician, greatly inspired by the Major Arcana in a tarot deck. I’m planning on doing a series on the same theme, maybe not all but some.



I’m calling this Crow-girl, partly inspired by the books written by Charles de Lint where two crow-girls frequently appears. In the books they’re more kinda wild girls, but they’ve got a more sad, or melancholy strike to them as well.

summerexhibition2016_3 summerexhibition2016_4

The exhibition opens in about a weeks time, and you’ll be able to buy my pieces if you want to. Looking forward to see what more will be exhibited and hopes that there’ll be lots of visitors!

Until next time. :)


Ps. The crow head and the crow-girl’s face comes from Mischief Circus, a great site with loads of awesome images you can use in your artwork. Just read the Terms of Use so you know what applies to each designers kit. 😉

Shrine of Sisters

I finally made use of the angel shrine from Retro Art Café this week! It’s been sitting on my desk for at least a couple of months just waiting for me to decide what to do with it. Then I saw what my Facebook-friend Cat Kerr made with a couple of Relics & Artifacts figures, and I finally knew what to do…

I had already painted the angel with a coat of gesso, so I started with a layer of Finnabair’s transparent crackle paste on the wings and on the frame part. Then let it dry over night. I’m still sort of figuring out how this medium works, but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. I think the key to the best crackles is to let it dry slowly. I’ve tried using a heat gun, but it just tend to bubble, and the cracks don’t get so defined.
Anyway… When they had dried I painted them with gold paint.



After the gold paint had dried I used some sepia acrylic ink from Daler-Rowney to grunge it up a bit. I also took one of the faces from Relics & Artifacts I’ve got and gave it some sepia grunge love too. Doesn’t it look like it’s been laying in the dirt for hundreds of years, maybe thousand? I totally love this sepia!

sistershrine_3 sistershrine_4

The frame I painted with Finnabair’s rust mica powder, and added some highlights to both frame and face with her teal mica powder. The little crown you can see in below pictures where also painted with gold, and had some touch-ups with the mica powders as well.



Then I chose the embellishments I had in my trinket box, the flower I’ve bought from a shop on Etsy, Carman Treasures… they also have a lot of gorgeous beads and such for jewellery making. 😉
The photo is from one of Tim Holtz’s papers I cut out, can’t remember what paper pack though…


sistershrine_7 sistershrine_8

And here it is,assembled and finished. I’ve glued everything down with matte media gel and 3D-gel, also from Finnabair. A shrine over sisterhood, in what shape it may come. I’ve got two amazing sisters, and this last year I’ve found a whole bunch of them via Facebook, my art sisters. <3

sistershrine_9 sistershrine_10 sistershrine_11 sistershrine_12

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my process, and hope this will inspire you to make your own shrine.

Til the next time! xox