To say no

For some reasons I’m ending up in situations where I find it hard to say no. Often I really like the person in question, but that is not always the case.
It’s like it’s bad to say no, like an insult. I’m working on that bit, to be more clear of what I want, like, and think. That involves sometimes being able to say no, instead of maybe.

I found this quote by Paulo Coelho that fits perfectly: ”Don’t say maybe, if you want to say no”. I had to make a spread of it.


I’ve used some printed pictures from Graphics Fairy, a page from an encyclopedia with some white acrylic paint lightly brushed over it, and some leftover paper (even an old dried up piece of tape). Then I added some stamping with my first ever home made linoleum stamp. Woohoo me! Some bling and what not… like a piece of washi tape to seal the pages.



Stay true and don’t say yes or maybe because you have a hard time saying no. I’ll practise this more, maybe start with the family. 😉

Take care

This life

The past year, and this as well, has been a rough one.
I ended up home on sick leave, the doctor said it was a clear case of burn out. I’ve had a great doctor, and my colleagues and manager have been really supportive. It’s been a long way back, but I can feel I’m getting there. I’ve started working again, if only for a couple of hours and I’m working on my good routines. Daily walks, crochet, art and crafts.

this life_full page

Actually this period has given me my creativity back. When I was younger I always drew and painted. Drew scenes from Lord of The Rings while listening to music. I’ve got this back and it feels so darn good!! Nothing can make me feel so good as some paper, paint, music and what not that can turn into something amazing, from your imagination.

this life_close2

this life_close1

I made this in my watercolour journal and I thought this quote from The Verve’s song ”Bittersweet Symphony” suited a spread like this. Love this song from the 90ies, and the video…

I took the selfie on one of the tough days while in bed, sometimes I guess you need to remember those days too.

I’ve used a stencil from Tim Holtz, some odd paper scraps, my old acrylic paints for base and splatters… and the letters might be from Basic Grey… I think…

this life-close3

Take care of yourself.
Stay creative.



Do or do not

We love Star Wars in this family, but we like the old films the best. My husband and I use the saying Yoda has: ”Do, or do not. There is no try.” … or something like that…
I think it works on many things. Like don’t feel bad about the dishes waiting, decide to do them, or not to. They wont go away and when you’ve decided that you wont do them, you can find peace to create something instead. Art before chores might be my new saying. 😉

Do or do not_full page


The little house I see on my daily walks in a green space close to our home. It’s like a mini forest just around the corner.

do or do not_close1


do or do not_close2

Remember, do or do not. Guilt is a negative feeling and leads to nothing creative. 😉